Saturday, 26 April 2008


The sun has finally managed to coincide with the weekend. I spent most of the day at the allotment and have finally managed to get all the potatoes planted out, no small task when you include the actual digging of the bed first!

Elsewhere spring seems to be here, the plum tree is in blossom, as are the 2 apple trees in my garden, and the raspberries are starting to sprout. I have starting hardening off the sweet peas and globe artichokes so with a bit of luck they will be ready to be planted out over the bank holiday. I just need to get the rest of the seeds sown and I will be ready for the growing to begin.


victoria said...

Hi! We did exactly the same thing as you! Dug over the first big bed on our (somewhat weed infested) new allotment and planted the potatoes! Like you I hope that my complete inexperience will not automatically prevail but that my friend Emma (with whom I have the plot) and her agricultural expertise will shine through! The sun was lovely wasn't it!?!? I even caught a bit and had definitely pink arms by tea time! :-)

Amy said...

Hi Victoria, have you got a blog? I am always keen to read about other people's experiences, it is actually a great way to keep up with the season and hopefully avoid some of the usual mistakes!

The weather was fantastic, I got a bit carried away by the whole summer think and am looking a little on the pink side now!

Good luck with the allotment :)