Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Hardening off

Normally I give hardening off a skip and just leave the poor plants to suffer the shock of the great outdoors, but with the weather being so changeable (read shit) and with my entire collection of globe artichokes having come courtesy of mum (read cannot be re-sow), this year I have been attentively hardening off the sweet peas and globes.

Every morning I trudge between the crappy greenhouse and the patio moving the 15 or so pots of sweet peas and similar number of globes to a sunny position, later than night, usually after they have experienced some torrential rain, I trudge back and forth again to move them under cover. It would, of course, be easier if I had bought some more gravel trays to put all the pots into so that I could move them in one go but there you go. Live and learn and all that.

According to books this should go on for 2 weeks, the sweet peas have been moving for a week and the globes for 5 days but I have decided that enough is enough, everything is still alive so if the weather is reasonable at the weekend they are all going out for good!


Anonymous said...

Welcome to my kind of hardening off! I realised this morning that I had left my fuscias outside that I was hardening (just bought the plugs from the garden centre)...well they are hardened now, and slightly bent from the rain! Think we fanny about too much. Nature survives....


Anonymous said...

... or not as the case maybe; more likly to survive if cheep or common