Monday, 2 January 2012

2011 - A Recap

Wow, what happened to the second half of 2011? Despite NO posts since August (resolving to do better this year) I did manage to keep up with the allotment so here is a recap of 2011:

Winning fruit - Raspberries. They started fruiting early and keep me fed with a regular supply of delicious fruits right through until September.

Winning Veg - Difficult to choose just 1, it was a great year for leeks, potatoes and carrots.

Best Newcomer - Brussel Sprouts - an unexpected success!

Never again - Sweetcorn - it takes up loads of room and never seems to pollinate properly.

Most over-grown - French beans, after accidently sowing 2 packets of seed I was overrun with the things (and the freezer is full of them too)

Sadly missed - Broccoli, I failed to germinate and keep alive any of my sprouting or calabrese Broccoli. Maybe next year.

2012 is off to a great start, I finally have guttering on my shed so watering should be much easier this year. Despite the very wet wethaer I have managed to dig over most of the plot, and clear some nasty weeds in the process. Hopefully I'll soon get a chance to get some garlic planted and the broadbeans sown.

Happy New Year!