Sunday, 22 February 2009

A Shed

No doubt many of you were thinking my long absence was me taking some time to wrap up, sit in front of the TV and eat lots of chocolate but actually I have been doing all that and also building the shed!

I am hopeful that the council have finished faffing around and that I am now a permanent resident on plot 19 (now re-numbered but that is a story for another day) so I have bought a shed.

The building project began back in December when I bought the flag stones and then provided my fellow plot holders with a long afternoon of entertainment as I heaved them from the car to my allotment. Once the bruises had subsided OH helped me dig over a nettle patch and we laid them in a vaguely level square.

The shed arrived and sat in the garden for oh a few weeks until my parents took pity on us and helped carry the pieces down to the allotment. A surprising number of trips later we had everything in place and just needed a cordless drill to get it together. Strangely there seems to be a unusually high demand for drills so we have to wait a week for HSS to locate one, finally, in the middle of the snow they did. One day later and the shed was standing.

So there you go a full 5 weeks to build a shed. We have actually put the roof felt on since the pic and there is a huge fat padlock which will hopefully keep my spade safe. But more importantly I have shelter from the wind and the rain so I can drink my tea in comfort. Just need to buy a chair now.