Sunday, 18 November 2007

Plum tree and raspberries planted

On Friday evening I arrived home to find the plum tree and raspberry canes had arrived from Ken Muir, along with Ken's rather fantastic book on how to grow fruit (made even better by being free with your first order!). On Saturday after a visit to the garden centre to buy tree stakes I managed to get the plum tree planted before dark, luckily I had already chosen a suitable spot and done most of the preparation so it was just a case of digging a hole and popping it in.

This morning I returned to the plot and spent 2 hours planting the 10 raspberry canes into 2 rather wobbly lines, they look a little sad at the moment but hopefully in spring will be the picture of health (well just alive would be good). I decided to leave the complexities of constructing a fruit cage until another, hopefully warmer, day.

So after nearly 5 months of having an allotment there is finally something planted, after all those nettles this feels like the real beginning of the journey.