Saturday, 5 April 2008

Almost spring

Today was almost a spring day, if it just hadn't been raining and snowing then it would have been lovely. All week has been dry and yesterday, whilst I was at work of course, was a beautiful day so I had high hopes for today.

As it is now spring (in my mind I mean) I was determined to get some seeds into the ground, everything which has been grown in pots inside is doing amazingly well, even the peppers have germinated, but it simply isn't the same as actually putting seed into the ground. So today I set off to the allotment to enjoy some surprisingly warm sunshine, as I forked over the bed, marked lines and hoed the drills all was good, as I started to sow the seeds the snow arrived. As I determinedly continued the rain arrived, and wouldn't stop.

Anyway Seeds are in and covered with some bubble wrap on account of all my fleece having been commandeered by OH for germinating grass seed, apparently grass is more important than carrots, heres hoping that the seeds germinate.

Luckily I am not too upset about the poor weather because I have received a rather great book: 'The Allotment Book: Seasonal Planner and Cookbook', for those of you who have read 'The Allotment Book' then this is the follow up, if you haven't read either then they are highly recommended. I am now salivating over all the tasty recipes that I will be able to cook using my own crops!


vegmonkey said...

The book looks problem is that i buy every gardening book i see! I probably have about 20! All good in their own little way though!

Amy said...

Vegmonkey, me too! The problem is that they are so inspirational, and also a very good way to pass a rainy weekend. I am currently hiding my growing collection next to the sofa so I don't think OH realises how large it is getting.

Paul and Melanie said...

I just got The Allotment Book a few weeks ago and it's great so I'll have to have a look for this... :)