Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Gardeners World Seed Trial 2008

I am very excited to have been chosen to join in the Gardeners World Seed Trial 2008! I have now been sent a packet of sunflower Mezzulah F1 to try and grow, it is a poll free semi-dwarf variety so it should complement my normal sunflowers which I am planning to sow this weekend.

I decided to apply for the sunflowers rather than the tomatoes because I am already planning on growing quite a few tomato plants this year whereas sunflowers will be good in the garden and on the allotment to attract bees. Fingers crossed all goes well!


Paul and Melanie said...

Well done! :)
I didn't even know they did such things lol. I've not tried growing sunflowers before but you're right, they would look good at the plot and the heads would come in handy for our parrot who loves the seeds!

Anonymous said...


I grew them for the first time last year, and they look BRILLIANT! I had them against a brick wall, so the heat stayed with them. I've got about 6 going at the moment, but could probably do with some more.....get them planted!