Tuesday, 25 March 2008

A plot visit at last

After a sickeningly long time I finally managed to get some visits in at the allotment, I spent a couple of hours up there yesterday complete with snow and then actually had a sunny morning there today. Not all that much progress to report, raspberries might be starting to grow and the plum tree has a couple of hopeful looking buds, the apple tree is just about to burst into flower which made me feel very spring like, despite the wintery weather. In fact I am feeling so hopeful that I have sowed my tomatoes and sweetcorn (inside of course), with a bit of luck the weather will sort itself out before I need to plant them outside.

I was lucky to be away over Easter so missed the real snow which was evidently here. I also received some sweet peas and some Globe Artichoke seedlings from Mum which is very exciting. I am planning to plant the sweet peas in the garden along with 1 of the Artichokes, the other 8 will go to the allotment where I am thinking of planting them as a sort of boundary fence. I have never eaten artichokes but at least they make spectacular flowers if nothing else.

Yesterday I dragged OH off to the Garden centre and bought a cheepy plastic greenhouse to put seedlings in, hopefully this will reduce the fatality rate after I manage to germinate them. I also got a very nice blueberry plant 'Bluecrop', which is going to live in a pot since they only like acid soil and I hacve very strong alkaline. I am now setting my sights on some strawberry plants for the garden (last year's look rather dead) and also some blackberries and red currants for the allotment.

Finally one last piece of excitement; I now have neighbors on both sides of my allotment! I met one side yesterday and they seem very nice, also very novice which is good, hopefully I will see the other side soon. This means that finally I can be certain about my boundaries and also that I have some other hands to help with the battle against the nettles.


Cat said...

Hiya! I've never grown Jerusulem Artichokes, but have given them a bash this year (seems you stick 'em in the ground...and they grow! Yey!)...the excitement is TRYING! Also, digging them up, or watching it grow and think, its gonna taste nicer than the supermarket one, and you'll get the true taste of the veg. I'm also trying Asparagus pea. Like a pea with taste of asparagus...?!?

Bet your glad you missed the snow. It was good for 3 hours, then it was pap cos it melted!

Paul and Melanie said...

That sounds like the kind of weekend I need, plenty of plot time and all sorts of sowing done... Here's hoping the weather's dry this weekend and I may be in luck... :)