Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Introducing the plot

I thought it would be nice to write a sort of monthly roundup style of post to record the developments throughout the year, then I realised that I have never really introduced the plot, so here it is:

The plot, number 19, is one of about 20 on a fenland site, a 5 minute walk away from my house, it is owned by the council, who sadly run a very loose ship so the size of the plot is unknown but I have marked out an area which is roughly 10ft wide and 100ft long, a pretty large space me thinks. There are 3 apple trees on the plot, none of which did all that much last year but provide some shelter at least.
At the top of the plot you can see where I am starting to clear the ground, luckily this area was covered in a huge wild cabbage patch which was easily cleared and is now destined to become my pumpkin, pea and sweetcorn bed, I plan to plant them using the "Three sisters" planting method.

The middle of the plot has now been cleared, except for the rather evil looking nettle patch which I have been avoiding. I am going to be using this area, my largest cleared patch for the root veg which is by far the most popular type of veg in my house.

Finally you get to the interesting part of the plot, the bottom. When I took on the plot last July this part was mostly covered in carpet so the nettles were slightly less prolific and I tackled it first. When the raspberries and plum tree arrived this was the only part of the plot which was ready so they were planted here, not exactly a great planting plan but it seems to be working out ok. The area for the asparagus bed has been dug behind the raspberries and I will also be building the shed and compost bins down here.

The soil is actually peat which is interesting, it easy to dig, hopefully full of nutrients and also recommended for use when storing veg through winter, I have translated this to mean that I can leave my winter crops in the ground until I need them. On the downside the plot is very exposed so there is a stupid amount of wind and plenty of frost, not sure how this is going to work out but I guess that is what this project is all about. So there you have it, Souper allotment in all its glory.


Cat said...

Hiya! Your doing a really good job. Just remeber your hard work is paying off...and burning calories! yey! I've found an old Gardeners world with jamie Olivers planting plan in it, I'll give you a shout with it and what you should be doing. May help you, but I think your doing well without! kepp digging. Catx

Paul and Melanie said...

All looking good there! :) And thanks for reminding me about the three sisters thing, I was looking for some space to put a few squash plants. Now they can go under the corn and I'll call it 'two sisters' lol ;)

Amy said...

Thanks guys, great to have your support, it certainly makes all the endless digging seem worthwhile. Really looking forward to having some veg growing, maybe if I get something planted it will grow!

Maybe you could start a monthly reminder service Cat? Just send people like me a nudge to get the right crop in, and out, of the ground. It would be great!

Paul, you might as well just chuck the peas in too, that was how my plan arrived. No harm in too many peas, just eat them straight from the plant.

Paul and Melanie said...

lol argh, but I have peas planned for somewhere else... I don't think my brain can compute the idea of moving things around now the plan has been printed off and stuck on the wall... ;)

Cat said...

i have changed to mangey-touts this year rather than peas. You can eat straight from the plant (oops!) and theres less waste. feel cack chucking most of it away...or giving it to the Beagle to eat (a dog that likes peas. strange.....)