Sunday, 16 March 2008

One potato, two potato, three...

Last week my potato seeds finally arrived from Mr Fothergills, a staggering 5 weeks after ordering, it seems the delay was because the free Yukon gold tubers were out of stock, I mean who cares? If they are free then I am not really bothered about the variety so just give me something else right?

Anyway grumble over, they have finally arrived much to my joy, a parcel for me and the long awaiting potatoes, OH immediately declared me crazy on the grounds that these potatoes were exactly the same as the ones Tesco sells (for a fraction of the price of course). I patiently explained about certified growers, reliable stock and disease resistance etc to which he concluded that they were exactly the same as the ones at Tesco. I guess there is no getting through to some people!

So I now have 2 shelves on the bookcase filled with egg boxes of potatoes quietly chitting away. I have 20 Charlotte, 10 Pixie (the replacement of the free Yukon gold) and 12 Arran Victory, heres hoping for a long season of potatoes, but before than I am holding my breath for the first shoots.


Paul and Melanie said...

Glad they arrived, better late than never and all that... :)

Should have some good chits on them by the time you're wanting to plant them anyway.

Cat said...

Welcome to the world of the potato would love to just plant the ones from Tescos, but in the back of your mind is that thought that actually, if they don't do what they should do then you've wasted loads of time and effort with some spuds that won't grow!! Its much 'safer' to plant the 'better' we all think :o)