Thursday, 18 October 2007

The plot

My allotment, number 19 is huge (after numerous failed attempts to measure it I am still none the wiser about exact dimensions) and rammed full of nettles. After spending the last 3 months desperately trying to find the soil, and getting stung in the process, I am now finally at a stage where some digging has started.

Today was a significant day because I have just ordered my raspberry canes (5 Autumn Bliss and 5 Glen Ample), a plum tree (Victoria of course) and 10 Asparagus crowns (Gijnlim) I just need to finish preparing the planting positions :)

I will be documenting my struggles to turn this nettle patch into a lovely patch of food bliss and as my usual approach to dealing with large volumes of veg is to make soup I think it is safe to expect some recipes along the way.

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