Sunday, 21 October 2007

Perfect digging conditions...

After all the rain last week and Saturday being a beautiful crisp autumn day yesterday was a perfect digging day, made good progress preparing the soon to be plum tree area and cleared a good few nettles in the progress. Hopefully the number of jumbo worms I stumbled across is also a good omen for the future.

Suttons seed catalogue has arrived so I have been drawing up wish lists of everything I want to grow next year. Squash and pumpkins are featuring heavily (hopefully next year won't bring quite so much rain) but I am also hoping to try asparagus alongside the more staple cabbage, potatoes and lots of carrots. Now I just need to choose the varieties and then I can create a planting plan. Hopefully with a few more of these sunny days I can actually clear some ground to plant the seeds.

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