Thursday, 15 March 2012

Things are getting started!

So I have been neglecting my poor blog a little but the allotment is still going strong, happyily all the allotments are finally being cultivated so I'm hoping for a lot less weeds this year. I have some new alltoment neighbours which is lovely after years of being alone on the weedy end of the site (although that was lovely when things went a little wild on my own plot!).

Digging is still ongoing so I'm not quite ready to begin the mad sowing period that seems to always mark my spring but things aren't looking too bad (photos to come, I promise). I have a couple of meals of leeks left and the kale is almost over but has kept me well fed right through the winter. Against the odds my Perpetual Spinach survived the winter and is putting on some lovely growth which will hopefully take me through to May when it usually bolts.

I have my potatoes chitting in the coldframe, this year all my potatoes are from Alan Roman, expensive postage but the quality is amazing and this year he started selling them in bags of numbers rather than weight which was much easier for me to estimate. I'll be going with my tried and trusted Charlotte but also trying some Premier and Harlequin for the first time.

Weekend plans include taking photos, planting onions and ordering those final packets of seeds. I love spring :)

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