Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Seedy start to the year

This year's seeds have arrived! I love this time of year when everything is still in the planning stage, the allotment is half dug and I can sit inside with a cup of tea and dream of the bumper harvests. Sadly we all know that not everything will go smoothly but part of the fun is seeing just what will thrive this year.

I will be growing 'True and Tender' parsnips, 'Giant Red' red carrots and having another try with the 'Diamond' aubergines. After last year's success I am repeating the 'Wautoma' cucumbers but this time I'm going to follow the instructions and try and save some seed! In fact, all of my seeds are from 'Real Seeds' so in theory, since none are F1 varieties, I'll be able to save seed from all my vegetables. Watch this space...

Tomato wise I'm going to risk growing a few plants on the allotment so alongside 'Latah' and 'Gardener's Delight' I'll be growing 'Galina' and 'Solanum Spontaneum' which is an intriguing orange currant variety.

Also going into the new category are some blue 'Azur' khol rabi and a brocolli raab. All of these will join the usual brassicas, salads, beans, potatoes and leeks that I have seed left over from.

Now I just need to finalise a planting plan and quickly work out where the seed gaps are. How is your planning going?


Mark N said...

I also like this time of year Amy. Any of last year's failures long forgotten, and the good thing with planning is that it doesn't break your back!

All my seeds have arrived and the aniticpation of it all really gives you something to look forward to. Good luck!

Damo said...

It's a great time of the year to start making plans and will be cheaper next time if you can save the seeds.

Amy said...

Sounds exciting! My chilli seeds from South Devon Chilli Farm arrived the other day so after the success of the serranos last year am going to try prarie fire and jalapenos this year... although slightly worried that jalapeno plants will end up too big for the windowsill...!?!

Lucy @ Smallest Smallholding said...

My planning is going... slowly. I've done some sketches and I'm trying to figure out how on earth I'm going to fit everything I want in. I can't compromise on onions and garlic as I use them all the time in my cooking and there's nothing like homegrown Hercules onions on this earth.

I've just bought John Harrison's growing veg in small spaces book to give me some more ideas, and hopefully with the greenhouse up and running I'll have even more space to grow my peppers, squash and chillies this year.

So I haven't even purchased anything yet. Should really get going with it!

Nome said...

I have vowed to buy my seeds at the weekend and get down to some proper planning!

Paul and Melanie said...

It's great when seeds arrive isn't it. I've been a bit sloppy with my buying this year, seem to be buying a few packs at a time as I think of them. Probably not the best plan as I'll forget something soon. Time for a meaningful trip to the garden center me thinks... :)

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