Thursday, 29 April 2010

Finally, a break

Work has rather taken over my life for the last couple of weeks so there hasn't been much time to blog, garden or even cook which is a shame. Luckily I have tomorrow off and with the bank holiday that means a 4 day weekend!

I will be sowing like mad, so far I have the tomatoes and salad things going, as well as the peas, hopefully beans, herbs and courgettes will soon follow. I managed to plant half the strawberry runners my Mum kindly potted up for me, I'll get the rest in tomorrow. The leeks are hardened off and I hve made a second sowing of beetroots and lettuce.

The asparagus is going like mad so I popped to the plot on Wednesday night to check for spears and also to water the onions and garlic. I'm still recovering from the shock of the weed growth so I think some serious weeding is also on the cards!

What have you got planned for the weekend?


Nome said...

I'm going to try and plant out the broad beans and somehow make them birdproof, plant out a border of sunflowers next to the asparagus, dig over the two flower beds and direct-sow them with some poppies, borage and a few other things... If I have time I will dig over the bed where the courgettes are going too. Lets hope the weather holds out!

Jo said...

Wouldn't it be nice if we got a four day weekend every week? I'm hoping that the weather stays fine as I'm hoping to get to the allotment and get lots of jobs done which I'm lagging behind with.

Damo said...

Lots to do! I'm going to gamble on getting the courgettes and squash in, I have some old water cooler bottles that make great cloches for larger plants at night. Not enough hours in the day!!