Sunday, 13 September 2009

Allotment update

I had a caterpiller attach on the spring cabbages but hopefully they will recover before spring, I really hate picking caterpillers off but it is still better than having to use chemicals. The local garden centre had spring cabbages and sprouting brocolli so my dismal preperations for winter have been overcome and I now have plenty of cabbage as well as a few kale and 2 rows of sprouting brocolli. I think that should be enough to see us through to spring.

Most of the potatoes have now been dug up, the Charlottes were quite sparse and the King Edwards have so far been disappointingly small but the Roosters are incrediable so I think we will still have more than enough to keep us fed.

The onions and garlic are dried and in store, the garlic is absolutly amazing and I am hoping to have success next year by replanting some of the cloves. I grew 4 varieties this year, the purple wright seem to be the most successful with a great flavour a huge bulbs. The overwintered onions also turned out to be pretty impressive although they are fairly lethal to cut.

The courgettes and sweetcorn have almost finished but the squash are still going strong so I will leave them until the leaves start to die off. So far I can see 4 crown prince although only 1 is fully ripe, and 3 of the suspicious marrow/pumpkin cross things.

Authumn is nearly here so most of the tasks will now be to clear things up, weed, and dig over ready for next year. The new raspberry canes are making a mockery of my raspberry support so that will be high on the list of winter tasks and the shed could do with some paint before I put the guttering up.

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