Saturday, 2 May 2009

Slow but steady progress

Today I managed to earth up the potatoes, I only covered the leaves with a very thin covering of aoil after reading this on Pumpkin Soup's blog. This year I will be aiming for little and often and hoping for a bumper crop. Strangly the Rooster potatoes (a maincrop) are far more vigourous than the Charlotte (a salad crop). Go figure.

I also got around to sowing 8 more squash plants, the batch sowed 3 weeks ago came through ok but then I lost 3 so hopefully I will have a full set before the month is out. I have also sowed my courgettes inside, two plants this year and also a full list of couregette lovers from work, well you need to have somewhere to ofload the excess.

No sign of the carrots or chitted parsnips on the allotment, hopefully they are just biding their time. Managed to get the dward beans, pak choi and beetroot sowed but sadly no extra carrots because I left the seed at home, doh!

With 2 more days of the bank holiday stretching ahead I am hopefull that more sowing will happen, some weeding might not go a miss and if the weather stays like this there will certainly be more watering.


Lucy @ Smallest Smallholding said...

Monday is set to rain here, not sure exactly where you are but maybe you can save yourself a trip to do the watering!

Sounds like everything is going to plan, I've got some squashes on the go and am hoping that I'll avoid the disaster that was 2008 in the squash department (read: no squash, no delicious soups).

Paul and Melanie said...

Hope you got lots done. Sounds like you're doing a nice big load of squash, I've only got one plant as well as a pumpkin, don't think I'd have room for many more if the spread as much as people say they do...

The Allotment Blogger said...

I'm sort of glad to hear your parsnips aren't up yet. We didn't chit ours but they are just not appearing despite being fresh seed. Must be more patient!