Friday, 20 March 2009

Early birthday pressies

It is my birthday on Monday but my pressies from OH arrived a little early and so of course they had to be opened. And planted.

I have 5 Glen Moy raspberry canes to join my other 10. Glen Moy is an early summer variety and spinefree - yey. In the background you can see my new pistachio (no it is NOT green) trug which is a present to myself (well you need to be sure there is at least 1 present).

I have also got a pear tree. This is a 'Concorde', a late variety, and hopefully a heavy cropper even on juvenile trees (I hope Ken Muir is right!). Yes it looks a little wonky but after I took this picture I dug it up and planted it straight so all is well.

Now that the weather is turning warm and sunny the work is progressing at the usual frantic March pace. Most the plot is cleared of weeds but there is still plenty of digging to get the soil ready for sowing.

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Lucy @ Smallest Smallholding said...

yey Birthday - happy birthday (belatedly, but sincere nonetheless!)!

I am seriously thinking about getting some spineless blackberries - fed up with fighting with the 'native' wild brambles here. The birds might like the fruit, but I'm fed up of having my hands ripped to shreds when I'm dealing with them...