Wednesday, 17 December 2008


I sowed a pack of onions a few weeks back, can't remember the variety but maybe Rador? Anyway they have just started sprouting, something of a surprise for me since I thought they just stayed in the ground during winter and then put on all their growth in spring. Luckily dad was on hand to set me straight!

Next year I am intending to be self-sufficient in onions, or as close to this as possible, so from late February through to April I will sowing a couple more varieties as sets and hopefully at least one other from seed.

If you are new to onions then you need to know that some varieties are planted in Autumn and overwintered to give you an earlier crop next year, it works well but they don't store as well as spring planted ones which is why it is good to have a mix. Onions come in seeds or as sets, which are like baby onions that you plant where you want them.

This year we had just one overwintered variety, they were quite easy to grow and even if they weren't the best for flavour, nothing could beat the freshness of a home pulled onion.


Lucy @ Smallest Smallholding said...

Some of the best onions I've ever planted are Hercules - good for storing too I believe. If you ever want a tasty, decent sized good cropping onion, go for these babies. They are DELICIOUS!!!

Amy said...

Thanks Lucy! I always love a recommendation, I'll make sure they are on my list for next year.