Sunday, 26 October 2008


A worn pair of jeans is my latest recycling experiment; the bin is cooling down a little due to the cold weather but I am still expecting them to be reduced to hearty compost before to long. Amazing that you can nourish your vegetables with old clothes.


vegmonkey said...

i didn't know you could do that! wow...does it work with underwear too?!

Amy said...

I think any natural material will work. So I guess it depends on what your underwear is made of! I might try some socks next, they seem to fall apart just through normal use.

Green Lane Allotments said...

Any problem with dyes or other chemicals that may have been used in the production or laundering of clothes?
On another point Sorry that this probably isn't an appropraite place but I am trying to spread the message about the nationwide problems with contaminated manure. I hope you have heard about it - if not try this link to our website

You may have already done this but I am afraid I haven't had time to browse your website fully, but if not would you consider placing a warning on your website as this problem hasn't gone away - contaminated manure could be in the system for a year or two yet even if the herbicide that has been temporarily withdrawn is never used again.

Now is the time that many gardeners will be obtaining manure and anything we can do to prevent others from experiencing the problems faced this year is worth a try.