Sunday, 28 September 2008

Strawberry confusion

I seem to have a very confused strawberry plant, either the changeable weather has caused it to think it is July (well it is hotter now than it was in July) or the label that says Cambridge Favourite is sadly mistaken. I'm not aware of an variety, apart from the Alpine ones, that should be fruiting at this time of year

But either way I have strawberry flowers so I am keeping my fingers crossed for a few weeks of sun, who knows, I might have fresh strawberries in October!


Lucy @ Smallest Smallholding said...

The man from the Beeb said to expect a cool October...I think the frosts might start appearing soon...arrrghhh!

Rach said...

I have a similarly confused tomato plant, it is happily producing millions of ripening fruit now, having shown no interest in doing so in more conventional months. Odd.

Rach (of City Bumpkin, formerly The Big Sofa!)

Amy said...

My Mum has advised me to cut the flowers off so that the plants aren't weakened. No idea if she is right but don't think I will risk this one.

I wonder what is causing the confusion, is it really that hot?