Sunday, 25 May 2008

Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today...

Especially if today is sunny and tomorrow is forecast torrential rain; after abandoning the sweetcorn planting yesterday due to a lack of canes to support them with I was forced to return this morning, in the absolute pouring rain, to plant the remaining 8 plants. After plenty of slipping around they are all now planted into a grid of 4 x 4, apparently this will give the best pollination results, and every plant has either a pea seedling or a couple of seeds sowed next to it. Most importantly they are all carefully staked against the prevailing wind.

Due to the extensive mud and water I decided against any photography attempts so i will have to owe you a picture post of the results at a later date (preferably a sunny date so it all looks nice).


earthwoman said...

Oh dear I didn't stake my sweetcorn, I imagine they will be laid flat now in all this wind.
I take it that means I will have to trek through the torrential downpour to see if I can make amends today.

Simon Kirby said...

Hi Amy

You know I'm sure you're right, but I've been putting off putting in my second-early potatoes for weeks now and I still haven't got them in. There just seems to be too much weeding to do.

Thanks for the blogroll link - and for opening up comments to the great unwashed!